In Book 1 Of The Venom Series, we were introduced to the deadly and legendary Charlotte Corday. Now, She's back in the much anticipated Book 2 of The Venom Series.

The Venom Series

The Venom Protocols

Charlotte Corday, once known as the only recorded female assassin of the New York Mafia; considered the most dangerous woman on the planet by the FBI. She had left it all behind, but they dragged her back into the hellscape of her previous existence. With the power of the mysterious Valkyrie program coursing through her veins, she must scratch and claw for her fractured existence.

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Land Of The Fathers

With the sound of a Mafia death threat still ringing in her ears, Charlotte Corday must flee across the Atlantic, but little does she know of the modern-day hell awaiting her on the other side.

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